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Act CCXXII of 2015 on the general rules of electronic administration and trust services. In accordance with the law, the police will provide its customers with the possibility of electronic administration from 1 January 2018.

The police provide electronic administration using the online fillable forms (inNOVA forms) available on the Police Administration Portal, and the e-Paper service submission support service.

The list of police cases that can be handled electronically and the rules related to electronic administration are contained in the Police's electronic administration service regulations provided by providing an electronic form (hereinafter: Service Regulations), which are available on the Police e-administration portal under the "e-administration regulations" menu.

In order to submit the inNOVA, and e-Paper electronic forms developed for electronic administration, it is necessary to get to know and accept the provisions of the Service Regulations.

The police receive the electronic forms through a secure delivery service at their office gate (office short name: ORFK, KR ID: 105147968), which ensures the integrity of the electronic forms and a clear proof of the fact and date of receipt.

The delivery of the application to the police body addressed during the submission of the electronic forms is ensured by the IT system of the police supporting electronic administration.

Any complaint related to electronic administration can be reported to the Electronic Administration Supervision.

It is worth drawing attention to the fact that the police provide electronic administration - unless otherwise provided by law - during the office hours specified in the Service Regulations. If you want to report an incident that requires immediate police action or make a request to the police for help, you can do so through the single emergency call system (112), which can be called 24 hours a day.

The national telephone customer service (Government Customer Line) provides assistance in matters related to electronic administration.

Phone number: 1818

·           For technical requests: menu item 1.7

·           For professional questions: menu item 7

Number to call from abroad: +36 1 550 1858