In accordance with the content of Act CCXXII of 2015 on the general rules of electronic administration and trust services, since January 1 2018, the Police has been offering to its customers the option of electronic administration.

The new Police e-administration portal and form management system (hereinafter: Portal) enables citizens to initiate procedures, prepare submissions and complete forms on an online interface.

When submitting a new application on the Portal (inNOVA form), you have the option to complete the forms online, attach documents directly (even in the case of supplying missing items) on an interactive, user-friendly interface.

As a result, Customers do not need to take the trouble to appear at the administration locations, furthermore, since the most important information concerning the procedure will be displayed from the background administration system, those concerned will get up-to-date, comprehensive information on the current state of their affairs.   

General information

The Portal supports the most widely-used modern, automatically updated browsers: 

  • MozillaFirefox v51 (2017.01.24)
  • GoogleChrome v56 (2017.01.25)
  • Microsoft Edge v42 (2017.11.30)
  • Opera v43 (2017.02.07)
  • Android v7.1.2 (2017.04.04)
  • iOS v11 (2017.06.05)


Content of User Manual
1.    Information
1. General information
2. Introduction to the inNOVA Portal
2.1. Display settings
2.1.1 Accessible version
2.2 Introduction to the menu
2.2.1 Main page
2.2.2    News Newsfeed
2.2.3 General
2.2.4 Cases
2.2.5 Archive
2.3 ”Quick icons”
3. Logging in
4. Submitting a new form
4.1 Selecting the form
4.1.1 Table view
4.1.2 Tile view
4.2 Completing a form
4.2.2 Form data entry Uploading attachments
4.2.3 Form operations Finalising the form
5. My current cases
6. My past cases
7. Payment options
7.1 Quick menu for payments
7.2 Payment basket
8. Authorisations
8.1 Registering a new entity
8.2 Editing

Name Valid from Download
User Manual (English, v1.0) 2019.06.14
User Manual (v1.0) 2018.12.27