The authority does not have the possibility to reduce or waive the administrative fine on the basis of fairness, taking into account the social circumstances of the client and the salutable morality of committing the act.

After the announcement of the decision, the first instance authority may be requested to authorize the payment of the administrative fine in installments or the modification of the execution deadline (hereinafter: payment discount) until the expiry of the deadline for payment(with 3000 Ft payment of fee), if the reason is beyond the client's control makes it impossible to meet the deadline or makes disproportionate difficulty. After the expiry of the time limit, the customer may, provided that enforcement has not yet been ordered, apply for a payment rebate for the reason set out above by submitting a request for certification at the same time. If the authority rejects the application for a certificate and the application for a payment reduction, it shall decide on enforcement at the same time.