Information on the electronic administration service for the Consignment Document Repository (KDT)


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Magyar Posta Zrt. (the Hungarian Post) produces paper-based, authentic copies of electronic documents for those involved in public administration and delivers them to the addressees through its hybrid delivery and conversion service.

In accordance with Act CXL of 2004 on the general rules of administrative proceedings and services, the Police has assigned the task of producing authentic paper-based copies of electronically managed documents and of turning them into postal consignments to Magyar Posta Zrt., the service provider designated by law.

Magyar Posta Zrt. converts electronic documents sent to it through an authentic and secure electronic channel involving proper logging into paper-based consignments in a closed process and a controlled environment, and delivers them to the addressees through its traditional delivery system.   

The purpose of the free electronic service “Consignment Document Repository” is that the addressee of the paper-based consignment produced through the hybrid conversion service of Magyar Posta Zrt. can verify that the contents of the paper-based document and the document electronically issued by the issuing police authority are identical and the establishment of users’ trust in the electronic administration procedures applied by the Police. 

Paper-based consignments thus created are authentic copies, which can be used in any official matter as evidence and have full probative value by force of law even without a stamp or a traditional hand-written signature.

Documents thus created can be recognised by the formal marks below:

Authenticity marks

The authenticity of the copies is certified by the authentication clause placed on each page. In the case of generally used A4 size papers, the authentication clauses are placed along the 210 mm side of the paper --regardless of the orientation of the text-- in the 20 mm-wide space at the bottom of the page. They are placed in the same way in the case of copies of smaller (A5, A6 size) papers too.

The clause includes:

  • the name of the person issuing the original document; 
  • the body providing the electronic administration service;
  • the time of signature; in the case of an electronic document bearing an electronic stamp, the producer of the stamp as designated in the certificate belonging to the stamp and results of the inspection thereof; 
  • the text “The content of the document is identical to that of the electronic document.”
  • A Consignment reference (link) to the authentic electronic version of the authentic paper-based document in the free “Consignment Document Repository” service of the National Police Headquarters.
  • The password for accessing the document  in the “Consignment Document Repository”;
  • The date shown on the paper-based copy and elements belonging to the authentication prescribed by the rules of the Document Validity Register (Iratérvényességi nyilvántartás).

The unique identifiers (internet references) enable the addressee of the consignment to verify the fact that a certified copy has been made, by checking the data stored in the “Document Validity Register” provided by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services independent of Magyar Posta Zrt. or by accessing the electronic document available in the Consignment Document Repository service of the National Police Headquarters.  

The two-dimensional codes (QR codes) by the clause make verification easier because they can be read by any smart phone with a QR code reader and thus the document validity note and the storage location of the original electronic document can be accessed. 

Printing control signals

Furthermore, there are control signals on the sides of the document, which are necessary for the production and the preparation of the postal consignment. These carry no information for the addressee. Based on the information they contain, the circumstances of production can be traced back; however, immediately after the confirmation of the receipt, the system destroys the original electronic documents, in accordance with the requirements of data protection.   

Consignment Document Repository

The Consignment Document Repository is the independent electronic administration service of the National Police Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as Provider) notified to the Electronic Administration Inspectorate, related to the hybrid delivery and conversion service operated by Magyar Posta Zrt., but independent from the service ‘Document Validity Register’ provided by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services hybrid delivery and conversion service.

Provider produces an automatic copy on the original authentic electronic document issued by the issuing authority to the addressee. Provider then sets the copy with unique Consignment reference and an accompanying Consignment reference password, and files it at the service repository of Consignment Document Repository.

Provider stores the copy filed at the Consignment Document Repository, for 30 (thirty) days following it being issued, in a secured database with restricted access, then shall automatically delete the copy.

Upon reading the Consignment reference from the paper-based consignment, Addressee can have access to and inspect the password-protected electronic document stored in the Consignment Document Repository, and can ascertain the identity of the paper-based document with the electronic document issued electronically by the issuing authority.

Addressee can have access to the authentic Consignment reference exclusively from the authentic paper-based document delivered by Magyar Posta Zrt., neither Provider nor the Issuing authority communicates it with Addressee in other ways (electronic message, texting, administrator).

For security reasons, the Consignment Document Repository shall store the IP address of the device used during accessing the service automatically until the specific calendar day in a way not accessible by Provider. The Provider shall not record any personal data in relation to Addressee, nor shall it place any data (cookies) on the devices used in relation to the service; additionally it shall not identify Addressee.

For security reasons, the Consignment Document Repository can only be accessed and used from one IP address (device and local area network, respectively) on not more than 20 (twenty) occasions per calendar day. In cases of subsequent attempts to connect, no electronic documents can be accessed upon connection. The restriction to connect will automatically be lifted at 0001 hours on the following calendar day.

If Addressee provides improper Consignment reference, or he/she provides an incorrect password to the proper Consignment reference, it shall also be considered the use of service.

The data content and the possible deficiencies of the documents accessible from the Consignment Document Repository service are independent from the service, such liability shall exclusively be attributable to the Issuing authority.

Addressee can have access to the service upon reading the authenticated paper-based document, using the Consignment reference password, thus the liabilities concerning the Addressee and the rights entitled to Addressee have become known to him/her from the paper-based document. Thus, the aforementioned right and liabilities are valid irrespective of the accessibility and availability of the Consignment Document Repository, and the document is capable of having legal effects. Addressee could also check the authenticity of the paper-based document via the Document Validity Register, a single, regulated electronic administration service.

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Service Regulations for KDT (v1.1) 2017.11.30
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