Periodical Notification

What is the Periodical Notification Service?

The Periodical Notification Service (RÉR) is a central electronic processing service provided by NISZ Zrt.

The primary purpose of the service is to enable clients to receive reliable information during specified periods on the electronic administration conducted in their name and on the management of their electronic data.

Essentially, in the service the client may, in their dispositions made in the Disposition Register – within the current legal framework in force –, define the scope of organizations and electronic administrative actions concerning which they want to receive notification. In addition, in their dispositions they may also define the type (simplified or extended), time, frequency, address and language (Hungarian or English) of the notifications.

It is an additional important feature of the service that the notifications are created accurately for the given time periods, and they will also be sent if no action has been taken on behalf of the client.

It is a condition for using the service that the client has a registration and records his/her contact information and statements in the Disposition Register.

The client may only request notification concerning entities that have joined the service.

What is a periodical notification in relation to the inNOVA Portal?

The police currently provides electronic administration through the online forms on the inNova Portal (inNOVA forms), the e-Paper Service and the form support service of the ÁNYK (General Form Filler program).

With the use of the periodic notification service clients could be notified of the submissions made in their or their organization’s name in a given time period on the inNOVA Portal interface.

How can I use this service?

In the case of a natural person, for the first time:

  1. You must log in by using electronic authorization (e.g. citizens digital gateway) on
  2. In order to use the service, one is required to accept the General Terms and Conditions
  3. Following the successful login, electronic contact information must be provided - to modify already existing contact information you must choose the E-PROFIL -> contact option in the left menu. Press the Save button to validate the disposition on electronic communication.
  4. for the use of the periodic notification service, you must record a NEW DISPOSITION. Periodic notification dispositions are accessible under e-Profile, of can be selected from the list of new dispositions.
  5. On the address below, you can provide information on the content of the notifications. For information on forms submitted on choose the HUNGARIAN NATIONAL POLICE HEAQUARTERS option, then by checking the POLICE ELECTRONIC ADMINISTRATION PORTAL – INNOVA PORTAL you can specify the type of the extract: Simplified or Extended. The content of the two types partially overlap, however the extended extract contains information on the identification and data of the event.

    Simplified Extract Sample

    Extended Extract Sample

    Event *


    Submission received from a customer:


    18/05/2021 10.35

    Event *


    Event identification

    Event information

    Submission received from a customer: IN-64

    18/05/2021 10.35

    Submission ID: PORTAL-20210518103522515-1322936-1


    Sender: Sample Jenő

    Cost: 5 000 Ft


  6. After having chosen your preferred extract type, you can specify the frequency, address and language of the notification.
  • Frequency of notification (multiple options):
    • Single notification: You can ask for a notification on past electronic administration activity retroactively for a maximum of 90 days from the disposition. The notification is going to be sent on the day after the disposition is made.
    • Regular notification:You can ask for regular notification on a monthly and bimonthly basis following the disposition. The monthly notification covers the first month after the disposition takes effect, following that it provides a monthly breakdown of electronic administration activity.
  • Address of the notification (multiple options):
    • KÜNY storage space (electronic storage space assigned to the citizens digital gateway)
    • E-mail address (you can enter a maximum of 3 e-mail addresses)
  • Language of the notification:
    • Hungarian
    • English
  1. by saving, you can create the disposition on periodic notification.

In the case of not a natural person:

It is important that in the case of not a natural person the RÉR extract can only be requested by a representative of an organization, which has a company gateway or an office storage space.

  1. Login the same way as natural persons.
  2. Following the successful login you must provide the tax number or registration number of the organization you wish to identify through the left menu with the Organization identification option, and must consent for verification. Following the successful identification, the name of the identified organization is going to appear in the left menu.

All further steps are the same as for natural persons above.

How can I view my previously lodged notification disposition?

By choosing the dispositions made in the Disposition Register option on the left side point MY DISPOSITION/ORGANIZATIONS DISPOSITION, you can view the previously made dispositions.

How can I delete my notification dispositions?

By choosing the dispositions made in the Disposition Register option on the left side point MY DISPOSITION/ORGANIZATIONS DISPOSITION, you can view the previously made dispositions. Choose the relevant disposition from the list and click on the delete button to delete the chosen disposition.

You have the opportunity to suspend the effect of the periodical notification service disposition by checking the “Do not want notification” function on the disposition interface.

Who can I contact in case of a question or a problem?

In connection with the use of the Disposition Register Service, the National Telephone Helpdesk Line is available 24/7 by selecting menu item 1.7. when calling 1818.